"Wayne D. Overholser is one of the greatest western novelists in American history. Every one of his books were researched for historical accuracy and realism. His books are a treasure." ~ Dick Symonds

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Wayne weaves his usual spell of excitement and emotion in these two short novels, appearing in paperback for the first time. Wheels Roll West tells the story of a wagon train making the perilous journey from Ohio to Colorado. Before they reach trail’s end, a Pueblo gambler and his gang arrive, declaring that if the settlers want to continue they will have to pay—with everything they own. And in Swampland Empire, Riley Rand arrives in Blue Lake Valley, announces he owns the entire area, and will be bringing in a herd of cattle to take possession. But some of the local residents don’t take too kindly to the news.



Nugget City was a Colorado mining town that made the transition to a ranching community. But the transition wasn't easy and it left a lot of bad blood. A range war had been brewing for a while, and greed, gossip and rage were threatening to blow the town apart. The last thing the town needed was a spark to set off the tinderbox. Everyone was afraid that was just what they got when a mysterious stranger stepped off the stage—a stranger who wore two guns. Was he the latest recruit brought in to fight the escalating war? There was only one thing everyone seemed sure of: He was a killer.



For eleven years he had been sheriff of this town, yet he wasn't sure he had the qualities it took to do a job of this size. The farmers did not trust him; the ranchers feared him because he stood in their way. Only one thing was certain: if he died tonight, no one else was capable of doing what must be done.

In a novel of unusual power, Lee Leighton (pseudonym for Wayne D. Overholser) tells the story of a town torn by seething hatred, and of a sheriff who has staked his life to protect a killer sentenced to hang in the morning.



THE MEEKER MASSACRE (Spur Award Winner!)
This thrilling adventure novel tells the story of a famous real-life massacre that occurred on a Ute reservation in Colorado in 1879, three years after the Custer disaster at Little Big Horn. The explosive situation between the Utes and the bullheaded Indian agent, Nathan Meeker, has been building up for some time because of Meeker's stubborn insistence that the Indians conform to the white man's way of life. Caught up in the middle of this conflict are two teenage boys, torn by their divided loyalties. Although Dave Madden and the Indian boy Tono have been close friends, they know that if the tribe revolts they must become enemies. The suspense mounts as Meeker continues to provoke the Indians, and the white men at the agency gradually become aware that they face almost certain destruction.